Most Visitors To Tonga Are From New Zealand

New Zealand remains the leading country in visitors arrivals in Tonga in the month of October.


Information from the Statistics Department states. more than 2 thousand people from New Zealand visited Tonga via aircraft.


Australia came second and America and third place with only 469.


Meanwhile, the majority departures in the month of October were residents of Tonga with close to 3thousand people followed by New Zealand and Australia.


The total number of arrivals on October was more than 10 thousand people while departure were close to the same figures.


The most popular purpose of visit was for holiday and vacation, visiting relatives and friends and businesses and conference.


The Total air visitor arrivals in October were more than 4 thousand an increase of 8 percent  compared to the same month last year.


(Source: Radio and Television Tonga News 20 December 2017)

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