Vanuatu: Third Phase of Repatriation to Commence Next Week

The Government will roll out the third phase of the repatriation exercise next week.

Director General (DG) of Health, Russel Tamata said the third phase anticipated to end in March will also be the final repatriation exercise.

But he added that this will be reconfirmed, as lot of Ni-Vanuatu are also travelling out.

In the third phase of this exercise, the government will not be organising flights to bring citizens over. The DG said it will be operated similarly to the second phase where citizens return home when there are available cargo flights.

This will be implemented collaboratively between the COVID-19 Team and other relevant authorities in the country, Australia and New Zealand.

The government’s initial plan was to roll out only two phases of repatriation exercises which ended last December.

According to DG Tamata, they realized that there are still Ni-Vanuatu citizens abroad who need to return home. Most of them are the seasonal workers in New Zealand and Australia.

Tamata explained that during the repatriation process, the Public Health Act should be effective therefore, people who will be returning will be paying for their own quarantine expenses.

He acknowledged donor partners who have supported the Vanuatu government throughout the whole repatriation process in 2020.

(Source: Vanuatu Daily Post 08 January 2021)

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