Vanuatu government encourages traditional weaving

Leimok Peter displays her place mats. Photo: Vanuatu Daily Post

The Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Industry in Vanuatu has called on provincial governments nation-wide to encourage women and girls to weave ‘Made in Vanuatu’ products.

The ministry said instead of buying Chinese products to sell to tourists, locally woven items were preferred.

A traditional weaver in Port Vila agreed, saying there was strong demand from female tourists for her table mats because of their heat resistant properties.

Leimok Peter, who has been weaving all her life, sells her products at the Handicraf Senta (Handicraft Centre) in the capital.

She told the Daily Post newspaper the place mats, which come in different patterns and sizes, were one of her most popular products.

Mrs Peter said parents should ensure their daughters learned how to weave, as it was a valuable life skill.

RNZ Pacific’s correspondent in Vanuatu said traditional weavers had come to realize they could earn money from their skills by selling products to tourists in Port Vila and Luganville.

Source: Radio NZ

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