Unique Tourism program to add value to Fijian Brand

TOURISM Fiji will roll out a unique program called Bulanaire next year.

CEO Matthew Stoeckel said the program was one of many ways it would add value to the Fijian brand.

“Bulanaires is a program we do to really start a global conversation about our brand ‘where happiness finds you’and why,” he said while addressing hundreds of industry stakeholders at Tourism Fiji’s Industry Day in Natadola.

“We think the world is talking about happiness the wrong way, you’d notice that in the happiness polls of countries, Fiji often doesn’t feature in the top 10, 20, or top 50.

“In fact in the recent United Nations 2018 World Happiness Report, Fiji did not feature in the top 150 countries as a measure of happiness.

“That’s because in their measure of happiness they are talking about wealth and GDP but we all know that money doesn’t necessarily make you happy and that’s what we want to change. “So taking inspiration from Forbes magazine’s list of billionaires, we’re going to start our own list — a list of our Bulanaires.

“We’re going to release this on World Happiness Day to take ownership of this day.

“And naturally on this list we’re going to have representatives from across Fiji as well as those aligned to our core markets and likely those that have an affinity to Fiji as a destination.

“This will create us some fantastic brand ambassadors that can go out there and talk about Fiji as a destination.”

[Source; www.fijitimes.com – news 13th December, 2018]

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