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Dear South Pacific friends and partners,

While we’re all going through the roller coaster that is COVID-19 and facing some of the biggest challenges in our professional lives, we have been amazed by everyone’s positivity! We are all working through this and we will come out of it better and stronger. So, again to you all – thank you, vinaka, mauruuru, meitaki, merci, tenkyu, fa’afetai, malo in all the beautiful South Pacific languages.

As this situation evolves and we fast forward to a world after COVID-19, the classic motto location, location, location might be shaded by a new criteria that will matter the most to the guests, cleanliness. As the sanitary crisis will recede, the health and safety of the travelers will remain paramount. We are all aware that many hotel properties have started or are already implementing enhanced cleaning and sanitation protocols. This will ensure everyone is safe and future guests can book their next holiday with confidence and peace of mind.

In order to support you in displaying these measures to the travelers, Expedia has set up a Traveler health and safety section in Partner Central. This will highlight and display the measures the properties are setting up to limit the impact of COVID-19. It’s an easy section for you to update with a system of boxes to tick. As you can imagine, the Health and Safety of travelers now has a whole new importance in the world of travel and displaying this key information could be the difference between a customer booking and not booking your property.

You are able to find this section in Partner Central, under Property details, Fees, Policies and Settings, General Information. If you need any assistance or have any questions regarding this new feature, please reach out to your account management team.

As always, we’re here for you.

Stef, Mel, Michael, Elodie, Antoinette, Iris, Jon & Victoria

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