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Trans Niugini Tours is the leading tour operator for tropical island vacations in Papua New Guinea.  We own and operate a series of highly acclaimed wilderness lodges as well as boats, buses and aircraft to facilitate tours at, and travel between the lodges.

For over thirty years Trans Niugini Tours has been providing culturally sensitive & ecologically responsible experiences throughout Papua New Guinea.  Geared to the adventurous traveler of discerning tastes, Trans Niugini Tours provides comfortable accommodation in some of the most remote areas of the country.

As Papua New Guinea’s leading tourism provider, Trans Niugini Tours maintains a high standard of quality throughout all aspects of its operation.

Trans Niugini Tours own seven lodges throughout the country.  These lodges are Rondon Ridge in Mount Hagen, Ambua Lodge in Tari, Karawari Lodge and the Sepik Spirit in the Sepik, Malolo in Madang, Bensbach in the Western Province and Lake Murray Lodge in Lake Murray.

We offer cultural festivals, special interest programs or customised itineraries to suit your requirements.  Birding watching, village visits, cultural tours and snorkelling are some of the many activities we offer.

Traditional villages, legends, Huli Wigmen, Spirit Hauses, rivers, trival art, birds of paradise and knowledgeable guides are all part of the experience.  Follow the sounds of kundu drums, chants and laughter.  Arrive curious and depart amazed.

PNG has a famously rich avifauna. 708 bird species, including 578 land and freshwater species have been identified.

Our wilderness lodges are strategically located in PNG’s most exciting birding areas.  A review of each lodge’s birding list makes it clear that an itinerary built around our lodges will rate amongst a birder’s top trips.

Renowned Ambua Lodge has long been the favoured home base of film crews and leading naturalists including Sir David Attenborough. Seeing the trailing white tail feathers of the Ribbon-tailed Astrapia is just one of the many thrills Ambua’s guests may experience.

A stay at Karawari Lodge, overlooking a tributary of the Sepik River, is an opportunity to spot a wildly diverse range of birds from the Twelve-wired Bird of Paradise to the Victoria Crowned Pigeon to a litany of lorikeets, cockatoos and parrots.

Our newly opened Lake Murray Lodge is home to over 50% of the New Guineas total bird population.   In addition to a host of migratory birds, several birds of paradise special, pelicans, hornbills, eagles, parrots and numerous other birds have been sighted.

Discover how easy Papua New Guinea can be when you travel with us!

P O Box 371
Mount Hagen
Papua New Guinea 281

+675 542-1438 / +675 7198-9397


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