Tourism Business Inventory Survey at Tabiteuea North

Takuku Tarai Raaraia Guesthouse

The Tourism Business Inventory Survey (TBIS) and Mauri Mark Certification was conducted by the KNTO on Tabiteuea North from 13th – 20th March, 2019.

This is a major part of the Research and Statistics Unit workplan where accommodations on Outer Islands are to be inspected to ensure they are in good condition and can accommodate visitors in a safe and comfort environment. The Mauri Mark Certification ensures the accommodations meet the minimum standards of comfort, hygiene and safety.

Only two accommodations were surveyed on the island namely; Takuku Taarai Raraia (TTR) Island Bungalows and the Island Council Guesthouse. The TTR Island Bungalows is a privately-owned business owned by Takuku Taarai Raraia that is located in Eita Village. The Island Council Guesthouse is operated by the Tabiteuea North Island Council and is located on the Island Council Compound.

Apart from the TBIS and Mauri Mark Certifications, site visits were also conducted to areas that hold significant history that could also serve as attractions to visitors. Some of the areas visited were shrines at the different villages as well as historical areas such as the first landing village for the Roman Catholic Church missionaries at Buota and the first landing village for the Protestant Church missionaries at Eita Village. Each village has shrines except for Utiroa and Tekaman Village, these shrines all have interesting stories behind them of which the KNTO has gathered and will use in our promotional materials of the island attractions.

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