Arisha Prasad, general manager TerraTrek Waterfall Tours and office manager Koro Makawa Rentals and Tours

Koro Makawa Rentals and Tours has ramped up the profile of two half-day itineraries – a Suva Tour and Coastal Tour.

The first offers TappooCity shopping, a visit to Old Parliament and a look at the President’s Guard.

The latter takes in the Sigatoka Sand Dunes, Kula Eco Park and Maui Bay.

The company also has an Around Island Tour covering the whole of Viti Levu and is known for transfers as well as scooter hire in the Pacific Harbour area.

Sister company TerraTrek continues to provide self-drive buggy trips to a waterfall in the hinterland near Pacific Harbour.

The trips operate 9am to 1pm and afternoon excursions are available on demand.

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