Tonga’s Trip Winner shares her “absolutely fantastic” experience.

A travel expert of Flight Center, New Zealand and a South Pacific SpecialistMarga Morrissey recently returned from her winning trip to Tonga, highlighting the trip as “absolutely fantastic and the perfect way to experience all the best that the beautiful destination of Tonga has to offer.”

Ms. Morrissey won an eight-night trip to Tonga in partnership with Ministry of Tourism and Culture and SPTO in January when she completed the  South Pacific Specialist online training program. The prize was inclusive of eight nights’ accommodation at Scenic Hotel, Treasures Island Eueiki Resort and Little Italy Hotel with full buffet breakfast, meet & greet, local transfers and island tours and activities.

Ms. Morrissey shared the following testimonial from her trip.


Tonga is one of the only remaining South Pacific destinations that retains its roots, which is so refreshing as you feel as though you’ve had the opportunity to truly understand this amazing place. From lush tropical rain forests to beautiful palm fringed white sand beaches, Tonga truly have everything and more than your average tourist needs for the perfect getaway, she said.

“During my visit I felt as though I gathered a genuine understanding and true appreciation for the beautiful Kingdom of Tonga.

“Overall I think that Tonga is a spectacular destination to visit on holiday, as it’s a completely different experience in comparison to any of the other South Pacific islands. On many of the islands of the South Pacific you only get to witness the westernized tourist luxuries that you would find at any standard beach holiday resort.


“As a tourist in Tonga however, you get to witness a strongly authentic cultural feeling that you can’t find anywhere else. After all, Tonga is known as ‘the true South Pacific’ and it most definitely lives up to its name. Known as ‘the Friendly Islands,’ Tonga is a great destination to visit as the locals make you feel exceptionally welcomed and right at home from the moment that you land.”

Speaking of the Specialist Programme, Ms. Morrissey said that she would recommend the training program to other specialists, as it helps one gain an understanding as to how different each South Pacific destination is from one another. She said it when comparing climate, activities, points of interest, and cultural traditions – the South Pacific holds a myriad of unforgettable experiences that would suit any intrepid traveler and being enrolled in the Programme helps one discover that.



“The South Pacific Specialist training has helped me learn so much about the different islands of the Pacific, and I feel much more knowledgeable after completing the training. The program has helped me become more confident in my career and excited that I know whichever island I end up sending my clients they are guaranteed to have a fabulous holiday,” Ms. Morrissey said.

SPTO acknowledges the sponsors and partners namely, Scenic Hotel, Treasure Island Eueiki, Resort Little Italy Hotel and Tonga Ministry of Tourism & Culture for supporting this competition by donating prizes for this incentive program.


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