TF1’s TV series ‘La section de recherches’ in New Caledonia!

From 27 August to 19 September, the team of TF1’s famous police series will be in New Caledonia, filming the first two episodes of its new season. Transporting viewers accustomed to the scenery of Nice, across to new shores and establishing New Caledonia as a real “film location.”

TF1’s flagship police series, “Section de recherches” will be making enquiries in New Caledonia from 27 August to 19 September where it will film the first two episodes of its new season. In the last episode, both viewers and the police team, led by Captain Martin Bernier (played by Xavier Deluc), discovered a body in a container which had from New Caledonia, and so they will now all find themselves here in New Caledonia to solve the crime (Greater Noumea, Hienghène and Poindimié). A new setting which has delighted Julien Zidi, the series’ director: « For a director like myself, the variety which New Caledonia offers in terms of countryside and culture is a rare luxury which I never cease to enjoy ».

Having been filmed in Nice since 2013, the production company Auteurs Associés wanted to strengthen interest in the series by basing the first two episodes of Season 13 in New Caledonia, as Elise Castel, Artistic Producer explains: « Opening the series in New Caledonia will be the driving force of the season ».

It is an exceptional opportunity to heighten destination awareness of the country hosting the filming of this series, which has been followed by millions of viewers for over 12 years. The last season was watched by an average of 6,070,00 viewers, or 25.2% of the public.  The programme is also shown in Belgium, Switzerland and Germany, which means European exposure for the destination! It’s therefore an unprecedented opportunity which the South Province Film Shooting Assistance Office (BAT) is keen to support – being responsible for accompanying the operation on site – because as BAT Manager Bénédicte Vernier confirms: « Section de recherches can arouse the interest of other programmes and channels ».

In addition to the innovative promotion generated by this type of programme, it’s also a source of significant economic development for the local film production industry. Nearly 50% of the technical team are local for these two episodes (Têtemba Production and Nô Production, respectively South and North Executive Producers) as well as the cast: 90 extras and 8 actors, mainly Kanak. In total, there will be on average 55 people per day on the set, with only 27 people from France, including 8 actors. For Jenny Briffa of Têtemba Production, this filming is a major first: « As we normally specialize in reporting, this is the first collaboration with a French TV team and it’s a real opportunity to discover the specifics of shooting fiction drama ».

With filming of such quality coming to New Caledonia, the destination will continue to strengthen its image and its attractiveness to tourists, as evidenced by Martine Lagneau, Vice President of South Province and President of NCTPS: « The aim is to establish New Caledonia as a film location, in order to ensure an economic development and to continue to raise the profile of the country (…) hence the importance of institutional support, through the Film Shooting Assistance Office, in starting up this process». 

The result of this major partnership can be seen on TF1 in March 2019!


New Caledonia Tourism, an overview:

New Caledonia Tourism (NCTPS) is an Economic Interest Group (GIE) and is the link between its institutional partners and the tourism sector professionals, ensuring tourism is promoted from:

– New Caledonia to the international market, under the brand of “New Caledonia, Pacific Heart”.

– the South Province to the local market under the brand of “Destination South Province”.

Founded in 2001, it is financed by the South Province and also by its local industry professional members. It is based in Nouméa, with representation in Australia, Japan, France, New Zealand, Italy and China.

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