Planning a trip to Taveuni Island soon? There are more than 10 hotels and resorts you can opt from at affordable prices at the Garden Island in the north.

Be a local tourist and explore the best track and trails to see waterfalls, lakes, mountains, rain forests and long beach walks.

If you love the ocean then you can dive at the Rainbow Reef in the Somosomo Strait or surf, the choice is yours. The dive operators that can assist you with your diving needs are Taveuni Dive, Garden Island Resort, Sau Bay Fiji Retreat and Dive Academy Fiji.

You can fly to Taveuni from Suva and return on Fiji Link or Northern Air or catch a ferry. But be sure to check ferry schedules and fare prices for Goundar Shipping Limited and Taveuni Princess. Fiji Link fly daily from Suva to Taveuni and return.

While Northern Air fly from Suva to Taveuni and return on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Heard about Taveuni for the first time or want to know more about Taveuni, the revived Taveuni Tourism Association recently revamped its website: that can assist you.

The association will soon have a special section on its website for promoting Taveuni and neighbouring islands, its accommodations and activities to the local market through the Love our Locals Campaign and yachties under the Blue Lane Initiative.

New association

The association also recently elected new board members who will spearhead the marketing of Taveuni Island to the world. They are:

Chairman: Phil Van der Riet

Vice Chair: Terri Gortan

Secretary: Sharon McCarthy

Treasurer: Anne Osborne



Historical and Cultural Committee: Anne Osborne
Resorts and Restaurants Committee: Terri Gortan
Dan Dimmock
Land Base Act. and Environment Committee: Phil Van der Riet, Bobby (Na BoGiono Farm)
Water Activities Committee:
Jone Waititi, Roberta Llanes
Communications Committee: Claude Michel Prevost

The members of the association wanted representation from all stakeholders with an interest in the promotion of tourism including without limitation resort owners, dive shops, transportation businesses, and shopkeepers.


(Source: Fiji Sun news 17 September 2020)


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