Tahiti Still Increasing Public Awareness Of Tourism

As part of the implementation of the 2015-2020 tourism development strategy, the Tahiti Tourisme wished to promote, design and implement a communication strategy aimed at raising awareness of the tourism development issues and interests.

For example, a Tourism Awareness Committee (CST) was set up to initiate and foster a spirit of cohesion and inter-ministerial work. Today, it brings together several ministries, the Tourism Committee of the Assembly of French Polynesia, as well as tourism professionals. The Union for the Promotion of Municipalities (SPCPF) has also been associated with this working group, the municipalities also having to be at the heart of the development of tourism. The mission of the CST is twofold, to value the whole work that contributes to the development of tourism and to put in place a real policy of awareness.

At the end of 2016, the “We are Polynesia” communication campaign, broadcast on television and on the web, opened the promise of awareness-raising communication for the local population. At the same time, an information and communication system was proposed in the form of a television program dedicated to awareness-raising.

The awareness campaign continues in 2017, notably with the new means of communication, the television program Fariira’a Manihini. The television program dedicated to tourism is an excellent way to raise awareness in the medium term. Its mission is simple: to talk about tourism to our population, to discover portraits, professions, projects, to have the program of training, jobs – in short, to bring the sector to life and to show again that it is our country.

Fariira’a Manihini will be broadcast exclusively on TNTV. It is a monthly program that will be broadcast in the month.Four broadcasts per month in total, two in French and two in Tahitian. The show will also be featured on the channel’s website, as well as in replay. Finally, it will be reprinted in the Facebook Love Tahiti which is the web relay of the campaign. The first show is organized around a portrait and an event:

  • Olivier Lenoir, cultural tour guide;

  • Tere Faati – the tour of the island in truck.

There is also information to be shared, such as job offers or the presentation of specific training courses. Some twenty issues have been programmed, some subjects may be modified according to the news of the tourist sector.

Finally, the Ministry and the Committee are also working on two new communication tools:  thematic advertising films which should be broadcast after the beginning of September and an event to highlight the tourism sector and its protagonists, the “Awards” of the Tourism.

(Source: Tahiti News Tourism 05 July 2017)

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