SPTO Member Countries’ Consolidated Response to 2019 Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

A member of the medical team of the Second Military Medical University puts on protective clothing at Hankou Hospital in Wuhan on 27 January, 2020. Photo: Xinhua / Xiao Yijiu / AFP

Dear Members, Partners and Stakeholders,

For your information and ease of reference, please find below a consolidation of SPTO member countries’ travel restrictions and advisories, pertaining to the 2019 Novel Coronavirus outbreak.

All information listed is, to the best of our knowledge, current and accurate. However, we continue to urge all travellers and stakeholders to continuously check the relevant websites and/or communicate with local authorities prior to travelling to any destination in the Pacific.

Details on the internal precautions being taken by the Secretariat can be accessed here whilst information on measures being enforced beyond our region can be found here

SPTO Members who wish to add or edit information in this list should contact Special Projects Officer, Ms. Tahitia Waqavonovono – twaqavonovono@spto.org

Cook Islands:

  • Persons intending to travel to the Cook Islands who have been in China within the last 14 days, prior to travel, will be denied entry into the Cook Islands.
  • In addition, all Cook Islanders and residents of the Cook Islands are urged to avoid non-essential travel to China.
  • The full advisory can be found here and updates can also be sought from the Cook Islands Ministry of Health website

Federated States of Micronesia:

  • A travel ban is in place for all visitors from mainland China
  • Travellers from other countries with confirmed cases of the coronavirus, are required to spend 14 days in a country or territory without the virus, before they will be allowed to enter Micronesian ports in Pohnpei, Kosrae, Chuuk and Yap
  • All visitors, returning citizens and residents will require a health form certifying that they do not presently show symptoms of the coronavirus, and that they have resided in a coronavirus-free location for a minimum of 14 days
  • All citizens of FSM are banned from travelling to mainland China until further notice
  • The full advisories to date can be found here and here


  • Fiji’s borders are closed to all foreign nationals who have been in mainland China within 14 days of their intended travel to Fiji.
  • No passenger arrivals or transits will be permitted for those falling under these controls
  • All travellers to Fiji are encouraged to keep abreast of these restrictions by regularly checking Fiji’s Ministry of Health website, which can be accessed here

French Polynesia:

  • Travellers of all nationalities, who have transited or visited since January 1, 2020 the following countries: China, Cambodia, Hong-Kong, India, Japan, Macao, Malaysia, Nepal, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines will have to present a health certificate dated less than 5 days prior to travelling and certifying that they are free of signs of viral infection before boarding for French Polynesia, no matter where their port of embarkation is.
  • In the absence of a health certificate, the airlines are asked to refuse the boarding of the passengers concerned. However, in order to facilitate the repatriation of Polynesian residents, they will in all cases be authorized to embark and return to French Polynesia.
  • On board, all passengers will be given a health control survey by the airline. The traveler will hand over the completed survey to the medical service present upon arrival in French Polynesia.

The full advisory may be accessed here


  • All incoming international travellers, into all ports of entry of Kiribati, will be subjected to a temperature check.
  • All Travellers from areas and territories in countries with ongoing local transmission of novel coronavirus must spend at least 14 days in a country free of the 2019-nCoV.
  • If travellers arrive earlier than the required 14-day-period, health quarantine measures may be applied and deportation to the country of travel origin will be considered depending on the health status of the individual.
  • Full advisory can be accessed here and more information can be requested from info@kiribatitourism.gov.ki


  • Travellers originating from or transiting through mainland China within 21 days of boarding will not be permitted entry
  • Travellers originating from or transiting through areas with a publicly declared outbreak, or as a stated place of outbreak concern by the Nauru Ministry of Health and Medical Services, within 21 days of the intent to board will not be permitted entry

New Caledonia:

  • Health screening is being enforced at all ports of entry


  • All travelers who have been in or travelled to China within 30 days prior to arriving in Niue must spend no less than 14 days in quarantine, in a country free from Novel Coronavirus (2019 n-CoV); and must acquire medical clearance within 3 days prior to arrival in Niue. Failure to comply with any of the above will result in refusal of entry into Niue.
  • Cancellation of all official government travel to and from China and other countries with reported cases of 2019 n-CoV.
  • All residents of Niue are strongly advised against traveling to or transiting through China and will be subject to refusal of entry if necessary.

Full advisory can be accessed here and any queries may be directed to Gaylene.Tasmania@mail.gov.nu

Papua New Guinea (PNG):

  • A travel ban is in force and applies to all travellers from Asian countries
  • PNG Immigration and Citizenship Authority staff are stationed at all the main ports of entry, to ensure that travellers who have been in China within a 14 day period are properly screened and have the proper quarantine assurances
  • All arriving international ships must call into Motukea, Lae and Rabaul wharves for screening before  proceeding to their final domestic destinations

The full advisory can be accessed here and those intending to travel to PNG are encouraged to check the official website of the Immigration and Citizenship Authority of PNG, which can be accessed here

Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI):

  • Suspension of all persons, travelling via air or sea, from countries listed in the official “Travel Advisory 2” for a period of 30 days, starting from February 2 until March 2, 2020.
  • All GRMI government and sponsored official trips to be suspended to countries listed in the official “Travel Advisory 2” effective immediately until further notice, with the exception of patients approved by the RMI Medical Referral Committee.
  • Full details on Travel Advisory 2 and the affected countries can be accessed here


  • All travelers to Samoa are required to complete a Special Health Declaration Form. This can be done inflight or on arrival in Samoa.
  • Compulsory screening of all arriving passengers is in effect at all ports of entry
  • All Travelers originating from or transiting through;

(a) Mainland China

(b) Hong Kong

(c) Macau

Must spend at least 14 days self-quarantine at country of last port that is free of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus and must undergo medical clearance within (3) days prior to final route to Samoa. This must be their final stop before travelling to Samoa.

  • In the event you arrive within the 14 day period as noted above, you will be returned to the country of last port before arrival in to Samoa.
  • Those intending to travel to Samoa are urged to check the requirements for medical examinations prior to arrival. The list of countries, for which this is required is constantly being updated by the Government of Samoa and can be accessed here

Solomon Islands:

  • Travel controls are in place for travellers who have spent any time during the previous 14 days in a country where there have been no confirmed cases of an illness or disease, specified in a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) declared by the World Health Organisation and in force on the day of arrival.
  • All travellers will be subject to risk-based health screening by health officials and should this screening identify health concerns, Immigration Officers may refuse entry or permit entry on condition of quarantine.
  • Pursuant to Section 7 of the Immigration Act 2012, a travel restriction is now enforced for travelers from the People’s Republic of China (PRC) or countries with confirmed cases of the Novel Coronavirus transiting through Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Kiribati, Vanuatu, Nauru or any other Pacific countries.
  • Solomon Islands will also be refusing entry for passengers travelling from PRC through Australia. This is subject to review every 24 hours.


  • Noting the entry requirement for Samoa, individuals travelling from outside of Samoa who are booked to travel to Tokelau, need to provide a copy of the medical clearance for coronavirus that is required for entry into Samoa. This must be taken to the Tokelau Health Office or Tokelau Transport Officer in Apia for confirmation before travelling to Tokelau.
  • Failure to show medical clearance will result in passengers having to stay in Samoa for 14 days, after which medical clearance will need to be obtained to confirm that the passenger is free of infectious disease
  • Individuals who have been living in Samoa for more than 14 days will also need medical clearance
  • Passengers from Tokelau travelling to Apia and abroad must act in accordance with Samoa Entry requirements
  • The full travel advisory can be accessed here and queries may be directed to


  • All travellers are required to complete a health declaration card on arrival into Tongan territory
  • Travellers coming from or having transited through mainland China will need a 14 day self-quarantine in a country free from novel coronavirus
  • All foreign travellers will need medical clearance within three days before traveling to Tonga
  • Further information can be sought from Tonga’s Ministry of Health website, which is accessible here


    • Travellers of ALL nationalities MUST complete an Incoming Passenger Health Declaration form prior to boarding any craft entering Vanuatu. This form provides information on their travel itinerary over the preceding 14 days, previous travel to China (People’s Republic of), Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong (SAR China) or Macau (SAR China), and also details on their current health status, phone number, email address and physical address while visiting or residing in Vanuatu. It is an offence under the Public Health Act to not complete this Declaration Form truthfully and penalties apply.
    • Any foreign national wishing to enter Vanuatu who has originated from or has transited through any port in China (People’s Republic of), Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong (SAR China) or Macau (SAR China) in the previous 14 days will be denied entry to Vanuatu until further notice.
    • Any foreign national wishing to enter Vanuatu who has originated from or has transited through any port in China (People’s Republic of), Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong (SAR China) or Macau (SAR China) since 31 December 2019 but who has spent the previous 14 days outside of China (People’s Republic of), Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong (SAR China) or Macau (SAR China) MUST ALSO supply a copy of Medical Clearance Form 1 completed by a registered medical practitioner certifying that they are free from any respiratory illness.
    • The full advisory can be accessed here

Queries may be directed to Vanuatu Tourism

Wallis and Futuna:

  • A thermal camera is in operation at the airport and all arriving passengers are being screened before being granted entry.
  • The Prevention Department of the Wallis Hospital has increased the presence of its staff at the Wallis Airport to monitor the origin of travellers.
  • If a person records +38.5°C fever they are immediately transferred to the private SAS isolation lounge at the airport before being sent into quarantine in an isolated room at the SIA hospital (Wallis).
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