Short Term Contract – Environmental and Social Sustainability Consultant

The Pacific Learning Partnership for Environmental and Social Sustainability (PLP-ESS) is a collaboration between the Secretariat for the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP), the University of the South Pacific (USP), the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank (through the World Bank Australia Safeguards Partnership, with support from the Australian Government).

The objective of the Pacific Learning Partnership for Environmental and Social Sustainability (PLP-ESS) is to improve the delivery of infrastructure in the Pacific region, through efficient administration of effective environmental and social safeguards. It is a regional program focused on a series of strategic activities to provide ongoing technical capacity building across the Pacific Island Countries. The focus is on government agencies (regulators and implementing agencies), the private sector (consultants, contractors) and communities.
The PLP-ESS seeks to promote good practices in sustainable infrastructure development, by promoting unified approaches and increased collaboration on environmental and social safeguards.

The need for an Environmental and Social Sustainability Consultant has been identified. This position will be located in Apia, Samoa. They will work together with SPREP’s Environmental Monitoring and Governance Programme to deliver regular face to face training around the Pacific region on priority topics, including Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), based on SPREP’s Regional EIA Guidelines for the Pacific island region, Coastal Tourism Development EIA guidelines, the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) guidelines , and the multi-donor Shared Approach to ESS in the Pacific and other agreed topics.


(i) Work with SPREP and PLP-ESS partners to develop and deliver a capacity building program to enhance national and regional capacity for environmental and social sustainability based on SPREP’s guidelines, the shared approach to ESS and other agreed topics;
(ii) Identify, develop and implement ways of improving access to, and use of environmental assessment, management during project delivery (monitoring, auditing, compliance, etc) and planning tools in the region;
(iii) Develop and deliver capacity building, training and awareness materials based on Good International Industry Practice and the Pacific Regional Infrastructure Facility (PRIF)’s Shared Approach to ESS;
(iv) Assist in the delivery of online learning trials, including the USP’s online platform, the World Bank’s OLC platform, IAIA’s online learning and others;
(v) Provide expert advice to Pacific island countries on key environmental assessment and planning best practices;
(vi) Develop tools, approaches and techniques for environmental assessment and strategic planning for SPREP and Pacific island countries;
(vii) Provide technical and advisory support to PLP-ESS, SPREP and Pacific island countries on EIA and SEA processes and related issues;
(viii) Ensure effective coordination of relevant PLP-ESS activities with donors, international and regional organizations and collaborating institutions working in the region, particularly for environmental and social safeguards; and
(ix) Other related activities in the Pacific region in accordance with work plans agreed by the World Bank (Ross Butler) and SPREP (Easter Galuvao).

A detailed TOR will be available outlining all activities on your request.

Selection criteria

The specialist will have at least an undergraduate (preferably Master) qualifications in Environmental Science, Environmental Management, Environmental planning or other relevant technical field and a minimum of 5 years’ experience, including experience in the Pacific region. Experience in preparation and delivery of environmental and social impact assessment training and other capacity building experience in environmental and social safeguards are strongly preferred.

The consultant will be based at SPREP to be located in Apia, Samoa. The position is expected to start in September 2019 on a contract up to the end of December 2020. The role will involve regular training missions within the region and participating as a member of the PLP-ESS Working Group.

The role will be engaged by the World Bank (Sydney) and will formally report to the World Bank. As a short-term consultant, the contract will be a maximum of 150 days per Australian financial year.

Applicants should provide a CV and cover letter of no more than 800 words which explains how they meet the selection criteria and including the most recent work relevant to this consultancy. Provide at least three (3) referees as part of the application.

Applications should be sent to Manju Venkiteswaran by 4 September 2019.

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