Samoan Coco Araisa – Coco rice dessert loved by all

When I was young, our church music conductor the esteemed Samoan composer Ueta Solomona used to give us cocoa rice (coco araisa in Samoan) when we went to his house to support the Samoan Students Association at the University of the South Pacific. I remember how much I loved this cocoa rice and it would be the highlight of our family and church get togethers.

As I grew older, it dawned on me that cocoa rice is mostly only eaten and prepared in Samoa because of the use of the dark, rich Samoan chocolate.

Cocoa rice is a loved family food enjoyed by the young and old in Samoa and has been enjoyed for generations.

Countless Samoan blogs and web sites talk about this loved family dessert treat that can be eaten hot or cold for breakfast, lunch or dinner and is made from sweet dark Samoan chocolate and rice.

A few blogs have shared the recipe and sumptuous pictures of how to make this loved dessert. This sweet dessert is a truly authentic Samoan dish and is loved by Samoan people at home and the world over.

Next time you’re in Samoan, ask for a cup or bowl of this truly delightful Coco araisa and let the dark smooth Samoan cocoa give you a true adventure and feel of authentic Samoa.

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