From 8am to 6pm on Monday, 28 May, New Caledonia Tourism is holding its 4th “Rendezvous in New Caledonia” International Workshop.

This year there will be more than 150 tourism industry professionals (overseas tour operators and local service providers) taking part in more than 850 back-to-back, 15-minute business meetings! A unique opportunity for the New Caledonian tourism industry to inform the overseas professionals about their activities and to find new business opportunities.

Since 2015, New Caledonia Tourism (NCT) has each year sought to bring together local tourism service providers and overseas tour operators from the target markets (Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Europe and now China) in order to show them the diversity of tourism in New Caledonia and to build business.

To this end, NCT has created a unique event, the “Rendez-vous in New Caledonia” international
workshop, preceded by a famil trip to discover the country.

This year, continuing the unusual format which attracted delegates to Amédée Island in 2017, NCT is organising a day of professional “feet in the sand” meetings at Duck Island (Île aux Canards), finishing with a farewell cocktail at the Château Royal Beach Resort & Spa.

And it’s proving popular, as this year 56 tour operators/ media are coming from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, Italy and France to meet the 49 local tourism companies/event organisers presenting their services at the workshop. Before this, however, the guests will have the chance to explore New Caledonia over five intense days, aimed at presenting a maximum of sites and activities. They will all experience Noumea and Bourail, then split into three groups to discover the Isle of Pines, the East Coast or Ouvéa.

Jean-Marc Mocellin, the organiser of the event and NCT General Manager:
“This Workshop is both the ideal promotional sales tool for the local industry and an excellent showcase for the destination. The tour operators and media will leave with a much more detailed knowledge of the destination and a full list of contacts. They truly become knowledgeable ambassadors for the destination among their colleagues and clients. For this reason, NCTPS, with the crucial support of the tourism sector, continues to develop this trade show, aiming to attract a wider range of professionals and continuing to improve the welcome. This has been the case with an increased number of tour operators, the unprecedented participation of the Chinese and the use of a new software for contacts/reservations.”

PARTNERS: NCTPS would like to thank all the New Caledonian companies and institutions who have provided the complimentary or reduced costs needed to welcome these 56 international guests: Aircalin, Arc-En-Ciel, Bourail Bus, Château Royal Beach Resort & Spa, Destination Iles Loyauté, GLP Hotels (Nouvata, Hilton), Kou-Bugny Hotel, Le Lagon Hotel, Le Roof, MV Lounge, New Caledonia Outdoors, Noumea Discovery, Noumea Travel Specialist/ Lyvaï, Ouré Lodge, Pacific Trip, Plages Loisirs/ Île aux Canards, Poe Lagoon Cruise, Private Custom Tours & Transfers, la Province Sud, Ramada, Marriott Hotels (Sheraton, Le Méridien Nouméa, Le Méridien Isle of Pines) and Tourisme Province Nord.

New Caledonia Tourism in brief:
New Caledonia Tourism (NCTPS) is an economic interest group (GIE), acting as the link between its institutional partners and the tourism sector professionals in order to ensure tourism promotion of:
-New Caledonia in the international market, under its brand name “New Caledonia, Pacific heart”
– The South Province in the local market under its brand name “Destination South Province” (“Destination province Sud ”).
Created in 2001, the structure, funded by the South Province and the contributions of the local tourism industry members, is based in Noumea but is also represented in Paris, Sydney, Tokyo, Auckland and Rome.


(Source: New Caledonia Tourism Press Release 15 May 2018)



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