PNG Tourism Promotion Authority To Put Forward Policy Agendas To Support Tourism Industry

Tribal Ceremony, Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority will now have an opportunity to put forward it’s policy agenda and aspirations for tourism growth and development in the country when 21 APEC economies meet for the 52nd Tourism Working Group Meeting.

Tourism Promotion Authority CEO Jerry Agus while welcoming the tourism leaders from 21 APEC economies said it was also fitting to showcase the PNG warm and friendly culture.

“Let me take this time to extend a very warm welcome to all you delegates of the 52nd tourism working group on behalf of the government and people of Papua New Guinea,” Mr. Agus said.

‘‘The Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority as the national tourism office in collaboration with the APEC 2018 Coordination Authority is honoured and privileged to have you all here to discuss important agenda items that will drive forth tourism growth and development in our Asia Pacific Region.

“We embrace this occasion to host the 52’” tourism working group meeting as it provides us as a member of the 21 APEC economies the opportunity to put forward our policy agendas and aspirations for tourism growth and development as well as showcase our warm and friendly Papua New Guinean culture,” he said.

“As proud hosts of this meeting, we will put forward for discussion and endorsement several key tourism policy initiatives in the areas of tourism which looks to promote best practices while promoting inclusive community-based sustainable tourism initiatives.”

Also the APEC economic study on the Impact of cruise tourism: fostering MSMEs’ growth and creating sustainable communities and concluded APEC women in tourism dialogue among others.

“l am sure there will also be cross collaboration and information sharing on other important areas of tourism development affecting our Asia Pacific region, he said.

“It will also be our pleasure to provide you all with the brief for the Tourism Ministers’ Meeting which will follow on from the TWG.”

The 52nd TWG is part of a number of activities and side events which we have organised during your stay here in Port Moresby.

“As you may have researched, Papua New Guinea is not only an emerging economy but a diverse economy of 800 different languages and a thousand different cultures and traditions, some of which we hope to bring to you during your technical tours and official functions.

“Please. enjoy your stay in Port Moresby including our Melanesian hospitality and we wish you all the very best in your deliberations today,” he said.

Though no specifics were made on what priority agendas TPA will be putting forward, TPA says the TWGM places PNG in a strategic position to lead discussions. As discussion on developing the tourism sector continues this week, the 21 member economies will have to foster ways forward to encourage development through travel and tourism.

Though the 21 economies are at different levels of development, the goals in developing their tourism sector are similar. For Papua New Guinea, TPA says the working group gives PNG the opportunity to highlight its challenges and opportunities that are available in the tourism sector. Outcomes from these discussions will be released when the meeting concludes.


(Source: EMTV ONLINE 31 May 2018)

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