Pitcairn Islands Tourism Showcases Ocean Plastics Photo Stories

When British environmental photographer, Mandy Barker, arrived on UNESCO World Heritage-listed Henderson Island, in the remote territory of the Pitcairn Islands, she said “The item of plastic that stood out most were the hundreds of fishing buoys that littered the shoreline of this unique and remote uninhabited island, scattered around like planets in a marine solar system”.

This surreal landscape inspired her project ‘Lunasea’ shown by 72 ‘moons’ that represent Henderson eclipsed by plastic, and ‘SHELF-LIFE’ which features the recovered plastic objects, the first in a series of eight photo stories being exhibited during a month-long social media campaign launched today by Pitcairn Islands Tourism. Announcing the campaign, Pitcairn Islands Tourism Travel Coordinator, Heather Menzies, said “Mandy was part of an environmental expedition that visited Henderson Island in June 2019.  Mandy’s provocative images reflect current scientific research and the effects of plastic debris pollution has on the ocean, marine life, and ultimately ourselves”.

Speaking about her 2 weeks stay on Henderson Mandy says, “It has been one of the most incredible opportunities of my life to have been part of the Henderson Island Expedition, to experience an island and reserve of such outstanding natural beauty and significance was an absolute honour. It is now my responsibility through the new work created, to engage the world with the plastic pollution crisis, from the objects recovered from this remote, uninhabited location. It is a great pity I had to visit for this reason, but the overconsumption and unnecessary use of plastic is an issue that I am dedicated to represent”.

With sustainable tourism, a key driver for Pitcairn’s micro-economy, Pitcairn Islands Tourism’s Heather Menzies continues “As home to one of the World’s largest marine reserves (834,000 sq kms), the work Mandy and others do to bring attention to this global crisis, helps ensure no effort is spared in protecting our fragile marine environment for generations to come”.

The first of Mandy’s photo stories can be viewed on the Pitcairn Islands Tourism website or followed on Pitcairn’s social media platforms Facebook and Instagram.

To support the promotion Pitcairn Islands Tourism is giving away a copy of Mandy’s 2019 released 144-page book “Altered Ocean”. The book is a comprehensive catalogue of Mandy Barker’s photographic works exposing the crisis of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans.  To enter visit our website or social media features.

(Source: Pitcairn Islands Tourism media release 08th October 2020)

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