Pacific Tourism Organisation urges caution amongst tourism stakeholders

Image credit: World Health Organisation

With the recent outbreak of the Corona Virus in China and its detection in other parts of the world, the Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO) is urging members and the Pacific Tourism industry as a whole to keep abreast of the latest developments and advisories.

“The Pacific cannot afford to be lax in our approach to protecting our borders and our people, who are at the very core of our industry”, said SPTO Chief Executive, Mr. Christopher Cocker.

“We welcome the preventative measures which have been taken by some of our member countries including Samoa, Papua New Guinea (PNG), Republic of the Marshall Islands, Fiji and French Polynesia to name a few”.

Moreover, Mr. Cocker also alluded to the serious impacts that an outbreak of the virus could have in the Pacific.

“A large scale outbreak of any sort would be devastating to the Pacific and of course the Tourism industry, which remains a key economic driver for many Island nations. More recently, we witnessed the devastating effects of the Measles outbreak in Samoa so with that in mind, it is imperative that all countries in the Pacific heed the advice of the relevant authorities and take whatever steps are required”.

“Similarly, it is equally important that tourists also play a role in ensuring that they are in good health before travelling to the Pacific, or anywhere else in the world for that matter”.


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