Pacific Island Air – Fiji Update May 2020

Bula Vinaka,

Firstly I want to take a moment to thank all our fantastic staff and partners in Fiji. The great resilience shown by our team to help our company as we go through this pandemic has been nothing short of amazing.

Here at Pacific Island Air we are working hard to improve our services through this quiet time to ensure our customer experience is the best possible, through investment in our aircraft, systems and in our people.

Group Marketing Manager Caroline Blanchfield will give you some insight into the positive steps we are working on in the newsletter below.

Vinaka and sota tale,
Daniel Currie  | Director – Pacific Island Air Operations


Pacific Island Air invest in luxury air conditioned helicopters

PIA have introduced two Airbus EC130 helicopters. These luxury helicopters have 6 passenger seats, fully air conditioned, and are quiet, energy efficient machines.
These helicopters are a first for Fiji and will service our island transfer charter market.pACIFIC
Greatly enhance the travel experience for your clients as they are transported to paradise!

This is a definite first for Fiji.

Jet Charter to Fiji – Avoid the airport crowds

GCH Aviation Jet Operations is a new luxury travel option which links New Zealand and Australia with Pacific Island Air to provide luxury travel at the highest level.
Our Challenger 604 jet based at our HQ in Christchurch NZ is a first of type charter jet for New Zealand and Fiji.
For further information:

Wows Cancer Kids Party Flight

Since 2017 Pacific Island Air have supported the hosts of the Wows Cancer Kids Party with helicopter rides. The event is hosted by Mr. Leigh Smart,his family and other generous organizations around Fiji.

Its always a humbling experience to witness the joy of the children after completing their helicopter, seaplane or airplane ride.
These children are real champions not allowing their pain or suffering deter them from the thrill of a joy ride.

Staff at Pacific Island Air make it a team effort

During this time we are operating a skeleton staff.   It was  gratifying to see the wider PIA staff come back into the office to assist us prepare the aircraft and hangar for Tropical Cyclone Harold on the 6th and 7th April before the impact was felt the early hours of the 8th April 2020.

The majority of the staff were on unpaid leave in the lock down period but took the initiative to get to the office to assist us to keep the base and aircraft safe.
There is a strong resolve in our Pacific Island Air team to be ready to welcome our passengers back when the boarders reopen.

Vodafone lift work disaster relief inspection of Vodafone towers in Kadavu after TC Harold.

There is still plenty to be done in Fiji during this lockdown period.
We continue to work through in a reduced capacity  providing medical evacuations and helping with the rebuild after Tropical Cyclone Harold. Our PIA mission is to continue to operate and support the people of Fiji.


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