Nearly 77,000 tourists welcomed from January to May 2018 to Tahiti

In May 2018, tourist attendance in French Polynesia decreased by 2.9% compared to May 2017. The number of tourists accommodated in floating accommodation rose sharply (+ 28.2%) while the number accommodated in ground accommodation declined by 8.4%.

This decline in the number of land users concerns commercial accommodation, the attendance of which decreases by 10.5%.

The average length of stay increased by 1.2 days, a larger increase than the decline in the number of tourists, the number of overnight stays grew by 6%.

Since January 1, 2018, Tahiti and its islands have registered 76,906 tourists, an increase of 3.8% compared to the previous year.

Attendance in floating accommodation contributes 8.6 points to this overall result and the drop observed in commercial terrestrial accommodation (-7%) contributes negatively to this for 5.2 points.

The number of overnight stays increased 9.3% to 1,060,000 overnight stays.

[Source: Tahiti Tourisme News 11 July 2018]


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