Sadly our two days together has come to an end and it’s been an eye opener to be here as an ambassador for SPTO.

My background is in nursing, I am passionate about caring for people, especially people in need at their most vulnerable time.

My introduction into the Pacific tourism industry came with the crown that I wear and what I’ve learned over the past two days from dive destinations to national airline carriers to our wonderful island resorts has made my experience rich and fulfilling but most importantly the knowledge has made me a better ambassador for our island destinations.

As a proud Pacific woman, I hope the buyers go away knowing that we are not your typical tourist destination, the Pacific is unique with each signature culture.

I hope we continue to foster relationships with each other after our meetings these past few days to sustain tourism in the Pacific islands now and in the future. .

Sharing our culture, our way of life is the new it! I thank you all for your diligence and I encourage you all to continue make a difference in the pacific islands.

All of us here are ambassadors for the Pacific and it’s important to maintain that passion for our region. You’re all important to us, for the livelihoods of our people and you help share our greatest asset…our people, culture and land but being able to protect it as well that is key to our future.

A big thank you to our major sponsor BSP, associate sponsors Fiji Airways, Nauru Airlines, Jacks Fiji, Samson Lee Fiji and Pure Fiji who continue to support SPTE and who make it possible for us to network and buy and sell here.

To all our Exhibitors from our 17 member countries who’ve travelled far to beautiful Adelaide, we hope that SPTE has done its job in connecting you with good business and opportunities.

And to you our Buyers who’ve been superb throughout the 2 days. We thank you for being apart of SPTE and hope that this has been a valuable experience for you all. It certainly has been for us too.

We need you to help us promote our beautiful islands so thank you for attending #SPTE18, we look forward to your support next year.
Thank you and God bless you all on your journeys back home or if you’re staying back in Australia, enjoy and be safe.

Matauaina Gwendolyn To’omalatai
Pacific Tourism Ambassador & Miss Pacific Islands

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