This project is a bus stop painting project falling under the initiative inspired by the One Island One Product.

As part of preserving and sustaining our culture, the goal of this project is that these legends will reach out to younger generation to revive their knowledge of who we are, how we became and why we are unique as well as beautifying our capital city and making it look more attractive for visitors.

Each Bus Stop will hold in display a famous legend from each atoll.



Following the completion of the project, a location map will be printed which labels each bus stop with the name of the island that displays its unique legend, this map will add onto our islands attraction list.

miva_painting2    miva_painting5

We wish to thank our collaborators and our very own artists for making this work possible.


miva_paint8      miva_painting4

miva_paint7   miva_paint9

miva_paint11      miva_paint10
Kommol Tata!! #onebusstoponelegend #ijojikidejadjolet #islandbeautificationprojects


(Source: Marshall Islands Visitors Authority o4 January 2018)

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