Last two days as end of vaccine nears

The Fijian Health Ministry says they are wrapping up with the COVID-19 vaccination by tomorrow until the next batch arrives.

There have been some centers around the country that have already run out of the jabs as people have been rushing to get injected.

Fijian Health Ministry Permanent Secretary,  Doctor James Fong, says as the first batch finishes, they will wait for the next arrival to start vaccination again.

He says the vaccine is wanted all over the world and Fiji is one of the fortunate nations which has been able to get 50,000 in the first lot for its people.

Doctor Fong says some centers still have some jabs which will be administered today and possibly tomorrow if available.

It’s not sure when the next batch will arrive as the United Nations Fiji office, which is helping in getting free vaccines into the country, says there has been a delay due to production issues.

With Fiji marking the one year anniversary on Sunday of no COVID-19 community cases in Fiji, the country has been lauded for its efforts in containing the virus.

Source : FBC News, 16th April 2021

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