International Visitors Survey 2019 commences at Bonriki International Airport

The proposed International Visitors Survey 2019 (IVS) for Bonriki and Cassidy International Airports in Kiribati have commenced at Bonriki on Monday 25th March.

Two enumerators and 2 KNTO staff will be conducting the survey on departing visitors to gauge their satisfaction and spend while on Tarawa and the outer islands.

Among the items surveyed are; preferred mode of transport; average amount spent on accommodation and meals; purpose of visit; satisfaction with facilities and services used or experienced while in Kiribati; tourist activities participated in; demographics; whether or not they would recommend Kiribati to friends and family and many others.

The survey typically lasts 10-15 minutes per respondent and is conducted in the departure lounge of the airport, is completely voluntary, anonymous and confidential.

This IVS 2019 is being carried out in partnership with the South Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO) and funded by the EU. The SPTO has generously supplied the iPads from which the survey will be conducted and also provided the training on the use of these iPads. This training workshop was conducted in November 2018.

The Kiritimati branch will soon commence the IVS at Cassidy International Airport next month, May 2019.

The IVS 2019 will run through to November 2019 to ensure a large sample of responses over an extended period of time allowing for a variety of travellers’ experiences and motivations for travel to Kiribati. The data analysis and report will provide insightful details into where Kiribati lies in terms of tourist satisfaction, comfort and safety and allow policy makers, the private sector and the communities to work together to fill the gaps identified in the survey for the benefit of both the locals and our visitors.

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