Humpback Whales come to Tonga

Humpback whales come to Tonga late July and stay until mid-October every year. They migrate up from Antarctica through to Tonga to mate and give birth.

Luckily the waters around Vava’u have no major predators. This gives the newly birthed calfs a better chance to be natured before making the long swim back to Antarctica.
Whales have complete freedom in Tonga. There is no human intervention, the whales come at their own will and maneuver wherever they wish. The whale swim industry in Tonga respects this, so contact with the whales during the swimming is not allowed. Although Humpback whales are gentle, they are still wild animals. The boats in Tonga don’t feed or try to lure them into interactions, so meeting and swimming with them is by chance. Any week has the potential to have tons of whale sightings, or a few.

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(Source:  Real Tonga 04th October, 2019)

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