The Highlights Of The Year 2017 On The Tahiti Tourist Plan

The year 2017 has been rich in events and various advertisements on the tourist plan. Here are some illustrations …

January 13, 2017, government reshuffle with the return of Nicole Bouteau to business; a position she had held from March to May 2001, and from May 2001 to 2002.

Unsurprisingly, it will be part of the continuation of actions led by its predecessor, Jean-Christophe Bouissou, in a rather favorable context of increasing tourist attendance

On May 4th , for example, she took part in launching the redevelopment work on the Pointe Venus site. A construction site of 135 million Fcfp, inaugurated since. It will also closely monitor the operation for the site of the 3 Cascades and Trou du Souffleur, two tourist sites on the east coast, partly devastated by the bad weather that occurred a few months earlier. Amount of work: 170 million Fcfp. Furthermore, on June 27, the government will officially unveil plans for the future Cruise Terminal, whose first stone must be laid in 2018 on the Papeete seafront.

But 2017 is undoubtedly the year of the opening of the Polynesian sky to the competition! It all begins on October 12,shortly after the visit to Polynesia of the CEO of the French low-cost company, French Blue, Marc Rochet. On the 31st of the same month, the government will give the green light for the launch of a Paris-Papeete line via San Francisco, starting in May 2018. And the leaders to announce quickly “a nice price offer” , immediately provoking the arrogance of the boss of the company to the tiara, Michel Monvoisin. Since, the carriers that are ATN, Air France and French Blue engage in a merciless tariff war and the passengers have a lot of difficulties to find there to make their choice …

Still, for the Minister of Tourism, “we are able to accommodate 10% more tourist flow in 2018”, and this mainly for the benefit of small family hotels. Always on the political front, Tony Géros, on behalf of the UPLD to the assembly fears an “external danger” , alluding to those metropolitan travelers or Europeans who would come to settle “cheap” in our islands. As for Marcel Tuihani, the current tenant of the perch, he simply regrets the lack of market research to see if, yes or no, there is room for a new air operator.

Meanwhile, the Polynesian tourism industry can count on residents as evidenced by the renewed success of the 19th Tourism Fair held in Mamao in early September.

Finally, note that Maïlee Faugerat was appointed on December 16th to chair the board of GIE Tahiti Tourisme.


(Source: Tahiti News Tourism 25 December 2017)

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