Flights to New Caledonia fully booked until Christmas

Reports from New Caledonia say inbound flights are fully booked until Christmas.

The Nouvelles Caledoniennes said the territory’s carrier Aircalin would not accept any more return flight bookings to Noumea until 25 December.

Capacity to accept travellers was limited in part by the two-week mandatory quarantine requirement to stop the importation of Covid-19.

The government said travel to Noumea should only be considered for overriding personal, health or business reasons.

Seat allocation is being coordinated between Aircalin and the government, which manages the quarantine facilities.

Dozens of New Caledonia residents are still stranded overseas and will be given priority if they can make it to embarkation cities Paris, Tokyo or Sydney.

Students finishing their studies are also prioritised for return tr

To date New Caledonia has had no coronavirus in the community.

(Source: RNZ pacific news, 19 Augus 2020)

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