Fiji Resort Wins with Obama’s Vote Campaign

Michelle Obama’s Vote Or Miss Out TV campaign in the United States has caused an increase in website traffic for the luxury island resort Vomo in Fiji. A trending hashtag on social media channels has inadvertently placed a big
spotlight on the small private island resort in the South Pacific. The hashtag #vomo – which stands for ‘Vote Or Miss Out’- shares the tag with the Fiji resort.

Those interested to find out more about Obama’s #vomo campaign and subsequent television broadcast caused a massive increase in Google searches for the acronym – the welcome outcome being an increase of 85% traffic to the
resort’s website and 122% increase in search impressions overall, providing free brand exposure and travel enquiries from interes ted US citizens wanting to know more about the island.

(Soure: TRAVELinl MEMO 25 September, Issue 2134)

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