Fiji Airways Amongst Cheapest Airlines: 2018 Global Flight Price Ranking

Who says Fiji Airways fares are expen­sive?

Fiji Airways, Fiji’s national airline, was ranked 47th in the Global Flight Pricing Report, prepared by the Melbourne-based trav­el planning website Rome2Rio.

The data was analysed by taking into account the economy class airfares of 200 major air­lines during the first two months of 2018.

Cheapest airline in the world

Australia’s Tiger Air has ranked the cheap­est airline in the world, with an average ticket price of $0.06 per km. AirAsia X comes in at second place at $0.07 per km.

On the whole, airfares are on the rise, largely due to increased fuel cost, a trend which will possibly continue over the years, says the re­port. So Rome2Rio recommends that people take advantage of the cheap tickets for now and take that holiday you’ve been planning forever.

The results are fascinating.

Of course, airfares follow certain trends; long­er flights cost more, and some airlines are more expensive per km flown than others.

However, there’s always more to the story than this.

There are many factors which can influence per km costs, including the type of aircraft flown, routes flown, local salary and fuel costs, ancillary revenue and airport landing fees.

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