EZ Price’s Christmas parade float honored its late founder, Neal Skinner, who died recently. The number of floats topped 50, making it an outstanding event organized by the Marshall Islands Chamber of Commerce

If it has wheels, it’s in the Majuro Christmas parade: cars, boats, motorcycles, trailers, even Kirt Pinho’s mini scooter was in the line up Saturday that brought miles of smiles to all kids in Majuro. And by miles of smiles, we mean happy kids from Rita to Laura.

According to counts by V7AB, 34 floats lined up at the starting point in Rita and the number increased as more floats joined along the way, reaching over 50.

Majority of the floats, as announced on the radio, belonged to Majuro Atoll Local government.


(Source: The Marshall Islands Journal 15 December 2017)

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