Capital City prepares to host 53 cruise liners

THE Suva port is expected to receive 53 cruise liners this year.

This was confirmed by Suva City Council special administrator Chandu Umaria who said last year, the port hosted 64 cruise liners.

He said these were important for Fiji considering tourism was a very large market and contributed greatly to revenue streams within the country.

“As you all know, tourism is a major revenue generator for Fiji. As for this, we must all join hands together to see tourists arriving in Fiji and going back with a good memory of Fiji,” Mr Umaria said.

“For this, the Suva City Council is doing its best to see the city is clean, crime-free and fair trading by all retailers, taxi operators and all those involved in the tourism industry,” he added.

This month alone, seven cruise liners are expected in port, followed by another nine next month and seven more in March.

October will be the busiest month for cruise liners as the council expects to receive 10 tourist ships.

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