Bula from the Beqa Waters

My name is Batman, I am a bull shark adopted by South Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO)

Postcard from Batman the Shark

Pacific Greetings! My name is Batman, I am a bull shark, I know… my name is a misnomer, I don’t know what my adopted family were thinking when they named me Batman. I was adopted late last year and I have been super busy.

Firstly, let me tell you about my adopted family. They are the South Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO), I have been told they are regional tourism organisation that promotes sustainable tourism in the region. I am their only “shark relative” so I guess that makes me pretty special.

SPTO (my family) is based in Suva, Fiji while I live in a shark marine reserve between Beqa island and Viti Levu  in Fiji. I share the reserve with hundreds of other sharks and we are a pretty busy lot.

For starters, every week we have visitors- humans who dive to watch us and feed us. They always take pictures and videos, mind you we just do our thing but you can tell the humans are having a lot of fun and some of my friends really love the cameras.  The divers are brought here by the team at Beqa Adventure Divers and they do a great job making sure they keep us safe from the humans.

I promised Alisi and Ahmad from SPTO that I would send a postcard every month and this being my first one I will keep it brief- (also because we are in the middle of mating season so I hope you understand).

In my next postcard I will talk about the shark marine reserve and some things that humans do that really irk me, you know polluting our habitat, shark finning. So yeah you can call me a shark advocate for shark rights and all that. I will also talk about how you can adopt a super cute shark like me.

Moce (bye for now)

Batman the shark

Batman the shark

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