Budding Chefs Praise Master Class Fiji Culinary

Resort and hotel chefs yesterday applauded the Master Class Fiji culinary event held at the Rhum-Ba in Nadi.

Participant and chef for Paradise Cove Resort Apenisa Dansey said: “This was a good opportunity and chance to learn new things in the Industry and get a chance to expose myself to different cooking techniques demonstrated by professionals.”

The 25-year-old who has been a chef for six years for the resort in Naviti, Yasawa, said: “Each day in the Industry we learn new things. This has been very educational and it shows us what other chefs have to offer, what is done and the different views that chefs bring in to cook or demonstrated.”

Octopus Resort head chef, 29-year-old, Sachin Gounder said: “Participating in this event is very important as it has broadened my knowledge and understanding of not only cooking but other  things as well.

“The experience that they have and we learn many useful and educational especially when it comes to using local production.”

The four-day culinary event is aimed at raising funds and donating proceeds towards culinary scholarships set to start on May 29.

Master Class Fiji is being organised by a group of executive chefs and hospitality industry workers.

Master Chef Patissier  Amanda Young said: “We were able to showcase some of our skills yesterday (Monday) and maybe people in the audience have never seen before, because we incorporate skills that use APTC (Australian Pacific Technical College) in Suva and we teach local pacific islands in the areas of cookery and patisseries.”

Laucala Island Resort executive chef, Jean Luc Amann said: “I have worked in many countries, I think this is very important for the Chefs to get together and know each other and to show to the public what we are doing.

“What is interesting here is we have different nationality of chefs here and what they have demonstrated to Fiji is just amazing.”

The event started on Monday and is expected to end on Thursday.

(Source: Fiji Sun Online Nation 31 May 2017)

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