Aunu’u Island will be closed on Sundays to all local visitors and tourists.

This ruling was passed by the Aunu’u Council of Chiefs.  Swimming at Aunu’u is also prohibited on Sundays, with the exceptions of when it is needed for someone who has just had a tattoo done or if it is needed as a part of a fofo, which is part of traditional medicine and healing.

Honoring the Sabbath Day is one of the oldest traditions in our Samoan culture.  Sundays are reserved for spending time with family and doing things are deemed “Sunday-appropriate” by our elders such as resting and going to church.

However, Aunu’u is an iconic part of American Samoa and is open to visitors every other day of the week for hiking, swimming, and exploring!

For information on a couple of great tour options contact Peter Taliva’a of Samuel’s Aunu’u Island Getaway Tour or Mike & Paula McDonald of Best Tours

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