Airports Vanuatu Ltd launches our new brand

Airports Vanuatu Ltd (AVL) is proud to launch our new brand, and with it, to embrace our future and our role in growing our proud nation through our Vision:

“Developing a sustainable hub in the South Pacific, to be the pride of Vanuatu, enabling people to connect”.

Today AVL is the proud owner and operator of three airports across Port Vila, Santo and Tanna. AVL employs more than 250 people directly and the airport and aviation infrastructure we operate enable all international air travel to and from Vanuatu, as well as over three-quarters domestic air capacity.

Our brand launch today reflects the pride we have in our staff, the work we have completed this year in our projects, including the completion of the runway works at Port Vila, and our confidence in the future, as we work together with our partners in the Air Transportation and Tourism Task Force, including Air Vanuatu and Vanuatu Tourism Office and the other government agencies and stakeholders.


AVL was established in 2000 and our previous logo was produced through a competition among school children. We conducted workshops with our staff and board and discovered the colours and logo were much loved but would benefit from a refresh, to reflect how AVL has evolved and grown up as a company.

Our new logo is based upon feedback from our staff and board workshops, and was inspired by a swosh of aviation, joining our green and fertile earth to the blue sky, through the tusks of a boar. AVL CEO, Jason Rakau, said, “Our brand reflects the pride and passion our staff show in their work every day and our role of facilitating air travel for the social and economic benefit of our proud nation. We are very pleased our brand pays homage to our past and has incorporated a refreshed, unique ni-Vanuatu look and feel to it”.

SAND DRAWING – Eyes of All Eyes

Our staff workshops revealed our staff were enthusiastic in incorporating unique ni-Vanuatu attributes into the brand. Therefore, our corporate stationery includes elements of sand drawing, which were developed through a close collaboration with Vanuatu Cultural Centre and celebrated local sand drawing artist Edgar Hinge. Future executions of the brand will include visual elements featuring sand drawings within the terminal buildings, to create a unique sense of place within our airports.

The Eyes of All Eyes is a cultural belief about where we begin and where we end. The sharp point at the top and the bottom is our beginning point, but also our ending point. It represents when we start small, become bigger, beyond our route, then come back to our original destination.


As part of the rebranding process, AVL’s three airports will be renamed to reflect their location and the tourism markets they serve, as the global tourism and aviation world perceives us.

  • Bauerfield International Airport will be renamed Port Vila Airport
  • Pekoa Airport will be renamed Santo Airport
  • Whitegrass Airport will be renamed Tanna Airport

The rebranding of the airports has met with strong approval from the tourism community in particular, with stakeholders advising that the clearer naming will enable future growth, as the airport names are aligned with the destinations they serve.



Our work in branding is complemented by the plans of our partners, Air Vanuatu and VTO. VTO launched their new brand, “Answer the call of Vanuatu” to industry acclaim earlier this year, and next year sees the arrival of Air Vanuatu’s first A220 aircraft. AVL’s Chairman, Bakoa Kaltongga, commented, “Our industry stands poised on the cusp of greatness, with our airport, airline and tourism organisation all working together to grow aviation access for our nation. Today I am very proud of all we have achieved and excited as together we have a world of possibilities laid out before us”.




AVL is the proud owner and operator of the three major airports in Vanuatu, located at Port Vila and on the islands of Tanna and Espiritu Santo. AVL facilitate air travel, both domestic and international, for passengers and cargo with the support and assistance of our airline and tourism partners, government and border agencies.

AVL directly employs over 250 staff across our group.

Airports Vanuatu Limited                 + 678 25111
Aéroports du Vanuatu              
Po Box 131 Port Vila, Vanuatu

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