Air Vanuatu today announced that all domestic passenger services across its entire domestic network are suspended effective Monday, 30th March 2020 until further notice.

The decision is made following direct instructions received from Director Abraham NASAK at the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) at lunch time today.

Honorable Minister Bruno LENGKON, responsible for the National Disaster Management Office, made the official request to Air Vanuatu, providing the following guidance:

  1. Temporary suspension of domestic passenger services during the period of emergency
  2. An exception will be given for the transportation of cargo supplies on a case by case basis as authorized by NDMO. All domestic air cargo is required to comply with strict cargo handling requirements in compliance with the Minister of Health’s directions for cargo handling.
  3. An exception for emergency flights will be given upon request and authorization by NDMO
  4. Hygienic protocols will be observed and these are to be detailed and clearly communicated to all people. For example, these are to include social distancing 1.5m, reduced numbers and hand washing at the entry of the office as per guidelines provided by the Health Promotion Unit, available via
  5. Enforcement law officers will ensure full compliance with this policy.

The suspension of domestic passenger services is applicable during the 14-day period of the current State of Emergency (SoE). Domestic schedules will be reviewed thereafter.

Passengers holding a domestic ticket with Air Vanuatu are encouraged to check our updated commercial policy

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