Pacific Regional Tourism Capacity Building Programme

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The overall objective of the Pacific Regional Tourism Capacity Building Programme is “to improve Pacific ACP states’ economic integration through strengthened national systems and institutional frameworks to develop trade capacity, increase private sector competitiveness and increase international market access in the tourism sector”.

The purpose of the PRTCBP is ‘To strengthen P-ACPs’ productive capacity in the development of a sustainable tourism sector’.  Towards this end, the PRTCBP focuses on the further development of sustainable tourism in P-ACPs, by supporting a more conducive enabling environment for regional growth through enhanced policy and capacity development as well as increased productive capacity and market access for tourism SMEs.

The design of the PRTCBP reflects the three focal areas identified in the ‘Regional Tourism Strategy for the South and Central Pacific’, as follows:

Tourism Planning, Investment and SME Development: to facilitate sustainable tourism development in the Pacific region, with a particular focus on SME development;

Marketing and Market Research: to increase tourism arrivals and foreign exchange earnings for the region through a market-led approach to tourism promotion and product development; and

Human Resource Development: to improve human capital through regional and country training initiatives in order to enhance the quality and sustainability of the regional tourism products and services.

As such, the PRTCBP encompasses the following three result areas:

Result Area One – Sector Planning and Policy Development

Result Area Two – Market Research and Marketing

Result Area Three – HRD and Capacity Enhancement
The European Union funded Pacific Regional Tourism Capacity Building Programme (PRTCBP) is in its final year of implementation since its inception in 2012. The following is an update of the activities implemented by PRTCBP in 2015 as well the upcoming activities that remain for the year.

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